Postcard Marketing

Postcards are a great way to communicate with customers and offer four advantages over the traditional letter/envelope: 1. lower in cost; 2. don’t require receivers to open an envelope; 3. force sender to provide concise message; and 4. faster to print.

So what are some great uses for postcards? Here are some ideas, especially for targeting your best clients.

  1. Pre-print with your logo, address, slogan and/or picture, add meaningful comments and mail while on a trip, business or personal, to stay in “front” of your clients.
  2. Utilize for important announcements including new services or products, new employees or location, revised hours, upcoming meetings or seminars, or new strategic alliances.
  3. Pre-print with important industry facts or new regulations impacting your business, industry or services.
  4. Provide notification of upcoming special sale or discount, or use as a coupon.
  5. Use as thank you, reminder of their next appointment or need to schedule an appointment.
  6. Employ to solicit comments about an idea, or even a resume, for personal use.