Listen to Your Customer

Findings from customer service research conducted by Richard Gerson, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Institute, indicate the number one thing people wanted from someone they did business with was to be listened to.

Here are some ways to gather information from your customers that demonstrates you’re listening to them!

  1. Establish advisory groups, customer councils or board of directors, especially involving your best customers
  2. Conduct focus groups
  3. Use after-purchase surveys
  4. Ask employees for feedback based on interactions with customers
  5. Use customer suggestion box
  6. Undertake formal written surveys sent via mail, email, fax, telephone, or within a newsletter or promotional piece
  7. Conduct personal interviews over the phone or in-person
  8. If you distribute a newsletter, ask for customer comments
  9. Seek follow-up to customer complaints after problems are solved
  10. Hire mystery shoppers, especially retailers.