Gift Card Statistics

Gift Card Statistics
The growth of gift cards in the U.S. has grown significantly from their introduction in the mid 1990s. Here’s what various organizations tell us about the use of gift cards.

  1. Two-thirds of all consumers have purchased at least one gift card.
  2. Fifty-five percent of gift card recipients need more than one trip to deplete the value of their card.
  3. The average recipient spends 20 percent more than their card’s initial value.
  4. In 2004, the average value of gift cards was $59.
  5. In 2005, consumers spent at least $35.3 billion on gift cards.
  6. Two-thirds of adults who like to receive them enjoy receiving them throughout the year.
  7. Eighty-one percent of consumers purchase gift cards for birthdays versus 67 percent for holidays.
  8. When retailers switch from paper gift certificates to gift cards, they sell anywhere from fifty to one hundred percent more.

(Sources: American Greetings,, Green Sheet Quarterly, National Retail Federation)