Practical Business Card Hints

  A professional’s business card is one of the first impressions given of both yourself and your business.  Here are design related factors to consider.

  1. The quality of the paper (how thick, heavy or sturdy) tends to indicate the seriousness of your company.
  2. Glossy cards can be very hard to write on; thus the recipient may not be able to jot down important notes from your conversation. 
  3. Primary contact information is essential.  Phone numbers should have a consistent format and include the area code and an extension, if applicable. A physical address may not be needed if you do business exclusively online or by mail.  Website addresses can be listed with or without the http:// preceding the URL.
  4. One expert notes the use of too many colors may give the look of indecisiveness.  At times, elaborate print can be hard to read.
  5. Taglines are useful if the business name is somewhat ambiguous or doesn’t clearly convey the purpose of the business.
  6. A logo or picture can play a major role in creating a professional’s or company’s identity.

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