Email Marketing

Email Marketing—An Option Businesses are Using

According to Datran Media’s December 2006 survey, 83 percent of business respondents listed email as their most important advertising tool for 2007.

Datran Media also found that 89.4 percent of respondents plan to use email for customer acquisition and 87.2 percent for customer retention. Datran Media, founded in 2001, is based in New York.

VerticalResponse, a San Francisco based company offering online tools, conducted a study in 1Q2006. This study found differences in response rates by industry, and similar to other advertising studies, concluded there’s significant value in targeting your audience in order to improve response rates.

This study found that in all but five industries, the normal trend is click and open rates will decrease as the size of the list grows.

If an email notification bounces (defined as unreceived email for a variety of reasons), one company opts to send the same message via postcard.