Spotlight on Westlake

  Westlake is the smallest of the six communities with an estimated Jan. 2006 population  of 700. 

  • This growth equates to a 314 percent increase from the 2000 Census.
  • The daytime population swells to 12,500 due to major corporate firms located in Westlake.
  • The three largest employers are Fidelity Investments (planning a major expansion of up to 1500 employees), Daimler Chrysler and First American. 

For the seven year period 2000-2006, the Town of Westlake permitted just over 200 new homes with an average permit value of $973,983.

  • The three most active home builders for that period were W B Texas Resorts, Dale Clark Associates and Simmons Estate Homes.

Westlake, incorporated in 1956 and encompassing 7 square miles, is a master planned community.

  • Residents do not pay property taxes.
  • City government is funded by sales tax revenue, franchise fees and development fees.