Another Spotlight on Colleyville


Growth and quality of life

¨ Average Annual Household Income of $168,692

¨ Average Household Net Worth of $1,305,976

¨ Current Population of 22,500; Colleyville’s 2025 Master Plan has low and high estimates of future build-out populations of 26,020 and 27,068 respectively

¨ Median resident age: 39.6 years

¨ Mid-2008  average home sales: price — $445,900, size — 3,640   square feet, age — 17 years old

¨ Primarily served by Grapevine-Colleyville ISD with 13,860 students

¨ Some areas served by Birdville ISD, HEB ISD, Keller ISD and Southlake Carroll ISD.


Points of Interest

¨ D Magazine considers it a great mix of country, luxury and convenience

¨ The Colleyville Center hosts more than 600 events and 20,000 guests  annually.


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Source: numerous sources